Crystal Bouquet Swirls - Set of 2

Crystal Bouquet Swirls - Set of 2

Item# CarbBQ-Swirls
Sold In Sets of 2

Crystal Bouquet Swirls. For the perfect combination of bouquet sparkle, we suggest about 12 crystal picks. Each Crystal Swirl is attached to a 10" long Silver Plated Pick and measures just under 1" in crystal design.

Perfect for bride, bridesmaid and mother of the bride bouquets. Don't forget to add some love & sparkle to your centerpieces!

Now Available in Color Accents due to Popular Demand!!!

Colors: "Silver/Clear" "Silver/AB" "Silver/Pink" "Silver/Lt. Blue" "Silver/Tanzanite/Lt Purple" "Silver/Red" "Silver/Black"
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